Deal in Detail

Would you like to cooperate with us and distribute the concept and products of Shiso Burger independently? That’s great! Before we get started, we’d like to give you a brief overview of what we need from you – and what you can expect from us.

What do I have to bring to the table?

Let’s start with the hard facts. As a franchisee, you should meet the following criteria:

  • The necessary equity to get things started. That means at least 30% (approx. 225,000 - 300,000 EUR) of the total investment ranging from 750,000 - 1.000,000 EUR (per restaurant).
  • Dedication, leadership skills, entrepreneurial thinking and the necessary business knowledge to run a business
  • Experience in gastronomy, ideally in system catering
  • Ability to complete one to three months of training in a branch named by the franchisor (Berlin).
  • Ideally: suitable property/location (or willingness to change location)

What kind of location do I need? What does the restaurant look like?

We aim for every Shiso Burger guest to enjoy their visit with all their senses. We want to please the mouth AND the eye. So we put a lot of emphasis on creating an attractive furnishing concept in every restaurant.

In our own restaurants, for example, we built on Berlin’s role as a great melting pot of cultures (also reflecting our burgers and workforce). So we combined the colourful influences of our Asian culture with light wood tones and contemporary design.

However, we are not designed for a specific direction, as the design of future Shiso Burger branches must be in balance with the respective environment. This allows you to bring in your own ideas and personality.

The only criterion of every Shiso Burger branch is the interplay of a lot of wood – which should present the customer with a harmonious ambience, no matter where they visit us.

Aside from stylistic ones, there are a few formal requirements that you should be aware of, too. You need:

  • Location: A downtown location in cities with at least 200.000 residents in the commuting area of an exclusive shopping area or an office district.
  • Size: Ideal size 180-250 square metres; adjacent areas in the basement or partly on the top floor preferred.
  • Expansion: High ceilings and light rooms, as square as possible, with a clear view of the open kitchen. A porch with at least 40 seats.
  • Sight: Preferably corner locations or clearly visible walking areas with high and large glass fronts and modern architecture or high-quality old buildings or renovated industrial.
  • Technical infrastructure: Ventilation about 5x the handling in guest area and kitchen. Power connection for at least 100-120kW and with 200 A preliminary fuse. A grease separator is required.

What are the Terms?

Individual franchising (i.e. opening a single restaurant) is only possible for projects within Germany. For all other regions, we offer territorial franchising which enables the franchisee to develop a city or region fully.

For territorial franchising, a development plan or agreement is agreed upon with Shiso Burger in advance. The franchisee receives extensive territorial and development protection per the agreement. A development fee is due upon the conclusion of the development contract. For regional franchising abroad, the capital requirements are higher than for domestic German regional franchising.

For all franchise programs, we charge a one-time fee of 35,000 euros per restaurant and an ongoing fee of 7% of net sales for using all Shiso Burger brands and the Shiso Burger system. The mode of payment of the one-time franchise fees varies depending on the franchise program. Ongoing franchise fees are due monthly for all programs for each restaurant.

Sounds good?

Then take action and get in touch with our team!

Apply as a franchise partner!