Shiso Burger – Our concept

Shiso Burger was founded in June 2013. However, its origins reach back further. At the start, the idea was to combine Asian cuisine and burgers in a product that is different from conventional fast food. In its realisation, both founders of Shiso Burger could rely on their Asian roots and long-standing experience in high class restaurants. The result is our Shiso Burger – a special taste sensation.

Fresh ingredients and own production

We at Shiso Burger value high-quality ingredients and a careful preparation. Bread for our burgers is produced in-house, just like our side dishes and sauces. With our ingredients, we also pay attention to their fresh and regional origin. Our meat is 100 percent Angus or Wagyu beef, respectively.

Unique, healthy and light

Shiso Burger wants to combine the advantages of conventional burgers with those of traditional Asian cuisine. Our food is quick to prepare, straight-forward and delicate. At the same time, our burgers in the Dumpling Basket are full of healthy ingredients and taste excitingly different than their namesakes. Eating delicious burgers and having unique culinary experiences, it is possible with Shiso Burger!